• Michael Giudicissi

Year End Sales Calendar

It's that time again, in this year like no other. It's time to get ready for year end selling in the home care industry.

Here are the key dates to remember.

  1. Wednesday November 25th - Thanksgiving Reminder Day - Let your key referral sources know your holiday schedule and availability. Make sure they understand who to contact with referrals that come in over the long holiday weekend. Don't let them guess!

  2. Friday December 18th - Last Day To Sell - As we do every year, this year we again publish our last day to sell (LDTS) for the year. This is the FINAL date that you should be selling/educating your referral sources on anything you expect them to remember or use. After this you have the week of Christmas to do your holiday gifting (if your agency does that) and relationship building but save any real selling until January.

  3. December 28th - 31st - Bi Annual Requalifying Week - This is the perfect time to update your qualifying info on all of your key accounts. If people are in their office, they are much more likely to be relaxed and talkative after the stress of the holidays are over. Get all of your info updating so you know what they want and need as it relates to home care, home health, and hospice. You should be doing this 2x per year. If you haven't been qualifying be annually, now is a perfect time to start! The rep who knows the most sells the most!

Obviously this has been a crazy year for all of us. As much as possible, enjoy these end of year times and be kind to yourself and be patient with your referral sources. Use these dates as a guideline to end 2020 on a strong note and prep for a big year in 2021!

If you need help with 2021 strategic planning, or want to execute a growth plan for your agency, email me to set up a phone meeting so we can discuss your success!

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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