• Michael Giudicissi

What's Going On With In Person Selling?

With COVID-19 still pressuring the country to stay home, how is your in person selling effort going? In the most hard hit areas of the country you're probably not able to see anyone in person...but what about areas with more moderate COVID transmission numbers?

Here is the latest from my current group of Home Care Marketing Accelerator students (this was taken from last week's live webinar on 1/13/2021)

As you can see, almost two thirds of my students were able to make at least one in person call and a full three quarters of them either did that or expected they would in the coming week.

Translation: If you are safe, professional, and persistent you can still get out there and sell.

We can discuss or argue the merits of getting face to face with people during a pandemic, but the numbers above represent actual sales reps and they way they are approaching the job. So, if you are among the 3/4's of reps who are or will be in front of referral sources, what should you do? Only 2 things.....

  1. Qualify to learn what you don't know, or what has changed in their building.

  2. Follow up on a previous referral and get the next one.

Everything else you do as a rep, and I mean everything, can be done online, on the phone, digitally, virtually...whatever. These two steps above however are best done face to face so you can get the information you need to succeed, and you can take one referral and turn it into two (or 15).

I'm curious....how many in person calls per week do you get to make? Follow our Facebook Page and comment under this story.

Be safe...and Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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