• Michael Giudicissi

There Are NOT Less Referrals To Go Around

It's simple. When more people are sick, more people are eligible for in home care.

It's confusing. When more people are sick, referral sources make less referrals.

It's understandable. When referral sources believe that home care might introduce COVID to a discharged patient, they hesitate to make a referral.

It's clear. Virtually every patient who is eligible for home care services would be safer getting those services at home rather than in a facility.

It's accelerating. COVID positives are on the rise in 35 states as of yesterday.

It's important. You must continue to advocate for discharged patients who are in need of in home care. If you don't, who will?

It's ongoing. With this new wave of COVID infections and the settling in of colder weather (and holiday gatherings), we are going to continue to see a large increase in cases. We are merely in the beginning stages of a much larger spike than the first wave.

It's true. Patients are safer at home....safer at home....safer at home. Get it?

We need you to go out (or stay in) and spread the message. Patients should be given an informed choice of their post acute care. No scare tactics, no fake news, no alternative facts. A patient who is heading home should have real world statistics on the safety of in home care versus facility care. They should be given every chance to make the best choice for their circumstance. Their decisions should not be made for them by someone who is assuming "they won't want someone in their home". They should have the facts. Where will they get them? From the person planning their discharge. Where will that person get them?

From you.....

Many agencies are growing their census during these challenging times. How? By making sure their team has the best strategy and guidance available. We have custom training programs available for home care, home health, and hospice agencies to help achieve census growth. Programs can be delivered online or in person (limited availability). Contact us today to find out how to jump start your agency's growth.

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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