• Michael Giudicissi

The Relationship is NOT The Point!

I've been doing a lot of one on one coaching this summer. Some reps are succeeding wildly while others struggle to grow their business. Aside from the very obvious reasons why this would happen, I've come across this one enough times that it bears writing about.

"I'm working on building the relationship".

You might be reading and thinking, "What's wrong with that Michael?"

My answer: Nothing....as long as you know the relationship is not the goal, the referrals are. As an example I offer you these two choices. Which would you rather have?

  1. A facility that you built a great relationship with, that loves seeing you, allows you to come in at any time, but never refers to you?

  2. A facility where no one particularly likes you, isn't welcoming or very nice, keeps you from getting to see your key contact almost ever time, but sends you quality referrals on a regular basis?

Which one did you pick?

The point is, when you convince yourself your goal is to "build the relationship" then you do exactly that. You do things that "build" and avoid things that could "break" it. Making a good solid case for why you should get patient referrals, asking directly for them, and moving on if you cannot ever get any definitely "breaks" the relationship. The thing is, those are the kinds of relationships that should be broken. We're in the business of helping people in their home. If your great relationship won't allow you to do that, is it really a great relationship?

Think about it. What are you building? A list of relationships or a list of referral sources? Sure, you can answer "both" but only if you are leveraging those great relationships into referrals. We simply have no other reason for being.

If you change your thinking tomorrow to stop building relationships (as the primary goal) and start generating referrals (as the primary goal), then you will see a very quick change in your results, and in the way people receive you. Do that.....there are patients who need care that are counting on you.

I'll have 2 coaching spots open in August. If you'd like one for your rep or manager, email me so we can discuss.

Good Selling!

Michael Anthony Giudicissi

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