• Michael Giudicissi

Talk the Talk

Think about the person you know, in your business or personal life, who is a great conversationalist. They are great to talk to, great to listen to, and engaging no matter the topic. Now ask yourself this question:

Are you?

If not, you can be. The secret of being great at conversations (sales conversations especially) is to be in more of them. You can take a few simple rules of great conversations and apply them as many times as possible and soon you'll be the person that people think about when someone asks them who their favorite person to talk to is.

Here's how.

  1. Listen twice as much as you talk. That's about the right ratio to keep people engaged in a conversation.

  2. Ask questions. Especially ask follow up questions based upon something the person you're talking to said during the conversation. People love when other people actually listen to them.

  3. When you speak, get to the exciting point of your topic quickly, then work backwards through the details if they are still interested.

  4. Let the conversation breathe. Not every moment of silence needs to be filled with talking. Sometimes the most effective thing you can do is stay quiet and absorb what you've just heard.

Now, you've got some great tips to be better at conversations, what do you do next? Practice! Get into conversations at work, at home, online, in the grocery store, etc. You can talk to anyone, about almost anything and the practice will make you better. Initiating a conversation is easy, just ask someone a question. If they're holding a dinosaur egg, ask them if they're going to make an omelette. If they are wearing a red tie, ask them if they're running for President. You get the idea....anything to get the ball rolling. The more you do it, the more easy it will become, and the more good conversations you'll be in.

How does this help in sales? Simple. The better you are at conversing, the more people will be open to conversing with you. That's REALLY helpful in a relationship based sales environment. You'll win more face to face appointments than the rep who can't string two sentences together, and because of that, you'll have more of an opportunity to sell than they will. And it's all a result of one easy thing to do....practice.

If you don't have anyone to converse with, give me a call, I'll talk to you!

Fall is coming and with it comes the busy Fall referral season. Is your team ready to grow their referrals and your census? I'll come to your office for a day (or two) of impactful sales training that gets results. Inquire about available dates this Fall by emailing me.

Good Selling (and conversing!)

Michael Anthony Giudicissi

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