• Michael Giudicissi

Second Wave Closures

As predicted, the dreaded COVID-19 second wave is washing over us as we speak. Along with it come the numerous closures from offices and facilities that were allowing us to make in person sales and marketing calls. Reports from Texas and Florida (2 of the states where the most liberal visitation rules applied) say that in the last 10 days numerous facilities have either shut their doors or notified reps that they will be shut shortly.

So, as not to belabor the point. Imagine you have been given fair warning on March 1st that COVID was coming. You would have prepped your accounts and yourself to stay in communication and continue the flow of referrals. Unfortunately we didn't really see COVID for the long term threat it has become and so March 16th caught us unaware.

Not this time.

Get on the phone, out in the field, or online today and make sure all of your hard work over the past 8 months doesn't just up and go away. Set yourself up for a long winter of no in person selling and you and your agency can still thrive and grow.

If you need help, my clients are still growing, and you can too. Simply respond to this email and I'll get in touch to set up a call with you.

Be safe and Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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