• Michael Giudicissi

Jayme's Sales Tip of the Week

Everyone is experiencing a decline in home health referrals with no change in sight. This is where it started and without action (education) on our part it's not likely to change: Physicians have said they can not afford to have anyone coming into the home of their most vulnerable patients because they can least afford the risk of exposure to Covid. But where is that leaving the elderly patients? They are already being discouraged from seeking care at local emergency departments because of overcrowding, understaffing and hours and hours of waiting amongst very ill patients. Most clinics are conducting business via Telehealth only. So I see a couple of opportunities here....

Education and Advocation:

This is the perfect time to put together a campaign educating the general population of the policy and procedures your staff follows every day, every visit, to keep themselves and patients safe. The PPE that is being used and how.. How staff is triaged, etc. Whatever has been put in place to protect your patients - talk about it! Encourage the public to contact your office with questions. Remember, we are the physicians eyes and ears for early detection of a decline. They can't afford NOT to use us. Especially now! Remind the community that they can request an evaluation for themselves or a loved one and that Medicare gives them the right to choose their own provider. If you need to see growth in your census this is an excellent campaign to educate and empower the general public as well as professional care partners. Let us help you put together a solid campaign with a measurable ROI. We're here to help

Telehealth Teams:

Designate 1 -2 RN's as your Telehealth Team for local Physicians, Clinics, Hospitals, etc. *ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE IN AND SERVICE A RURAL AREA * Many well-established Physicians are skipping over Telehealth entirely because its new and they don't want to be bothered with it. In turn the patients they see do not have a device to receive a virtual visit much less WiFi. If you were to offer the solution of an RN on site to take vital signs, look at meds, and assist with the virtual visit. That would add real value. And doesn't come with a commitment to only use your agency. That's what brands you in the community. That's what sets you apart from professional visitors and donut droppers. Be a Proactive Problem Solver.....and tell everyone about it. That's a perfect campaign.

Call or email me. I'll create a campaign and strategy that is specific to your agency and your unique competitive strengths to get results!

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