• Jayme Salter

Jayme's Sales Tip of the Week

Check on your former patients, maybe they're not okay!

Does your agency have a post-discharge follow up policy? Some Home Health and Homecare companies require designated personnel to make follow up phone calls to discharged patients or POA's at 30, 60 and 90 days after service has ended. This is the perfect opportunity to blend Sales and Operations to increase your census! This is the perfect time to team up with your nursing staff and make those calls together. Ask about any recent trips to the ER, falls, overall decline, etc. Suggest an in-home assessment (remind them that evaluations are free and there is no commitment) once they agree to the evaluation, ask permission to contact the PCP for an order. This is a new reason to speak to an account so don't waste it! Get your order then ask what other patients they have with the same or similar issues....then close for those referrals as well.

The payoff from this strategy is significant, especially with the right set of questions to uncover needs. Strategy not in place? Need a script that incorporates clinical and sales? No idea how to start? Contact me. Let's connect service to need and watch your census grow.

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