• Jayme Salter

Jayme's Sales Tip of the Week

Being referred by trusted members of the community gives you an automatic seal of approval. Learn to use that power!

A great way to generate this type of business is through the spiritual leaders of your community. Offer your services as an additional resource they can refer to when senior members of the congregation are ill, recovering from surgery, etc. Depending on what Covid guidelines they are following you may be able to meet in person to give them more details about Homecare and who should be utilizing it. If that's not an option offer to set up a Zoom meeting. Don't let all your hard work go to waste - get a commitment for follow up and schedule it. Make sure to provide plenty of your business cards/brochures. In sales, it's ALL about the follow up

Looking for more nontraditional avenues to increase visibility and referrals? Drop me an email and let's discuss!

Jayme Salter

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