• Michael Giudicissi

Do What You're NOT Great At

In this world of multi faceted COVID driven marketing, you are GREAT at something..aren't you?

Maybe you're terrific on the phone? Perhaps email is your thing? You just might be a social media maven? No matter what, you have a strength and you are most likely playing to it.

Good for you.

Now, since you have a strength you must also have a weakness, correct? You have that one approach that you avoid because it either doesn't work for you or because you fear it. It's time to stamp out that weakness.


From here on out you are going to need to be a complete marketer. I've been recruiting and interviewing reps all throughout the pandemic and agencies are hiring based on a complete digital marketing AND in person selling skillset. You want those too. You need those.

This week, I want you to lead with your weakness. I want you to emphasize the approach that gives you the most challenge. I want you to visit that fear enough times that you no longer fear it. While it may never become your strength, you will at least have it in your sales tool kit for the times when you most certainly will need it.

Let's get to it. Work out those weaknesses so you no longer fear them. Make them into something to be proud of.

One on One coaching can help turn your reps from good to great. Get more info and register today.

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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