• Michael Giudicissi

Do What You Do Best!

I've been away for awhile.....did you notice?

Aside from some big projects and having shoulder replacement surgery I've been pondering this question as the world comes out of Covid induced lockdown:

What do I do best?

When I ask that question in relation to our offerings at Power Shot Training....the answer was easy. I do 3 things best:

  1. Provide onsite training in your office to your sales team to jumpstart their performance.

  2. Provide one on one coaching to sales reps and managers to help them dramatically accelerate their sales.

  3. Help agencies make solid, informed hiring decisions with a deep understanding of the behavioral characteristics of the person they are about to hire.

And that's it. Really.

There are other things that I do well but as I've analyzed the cost vs effectiveness ratio of those programs and services I've determined they simply don't do enough.

How about you? How about your agency? What do YOU do best?

We're on the brink of a brand new phase of our industry. Many smaller agencies are gone. There has been significant consolidation in the middle tier of agencies, and the big national and regional players are now stronger than ever. Every single one of you has specialties and strengths that should be accentuated right now. To carve out your place in the homecare space you should focus on what you can deliver that is stronger than your competitors. Even down to the individual salesperson, understanding the strength of your selling program will help you accentuate it, and help you get better results from it. We've spent the last 15 months desperately doing whatever we could to succeed, but now it's time to do the best things we do to succeed.

As for me, and Power Shot Training, you'll see changes very quickly. Our website and offerings will become much more streamlined. If you'd like training, we'll come to you, or do it one on one. If you'd like help hiring people that are worthy of investing your training dollars in, we'll help with that too. These are the things we do best and I intend to do them as long as you need me to.

Welcome back. It's been a long time. The sun is shining and the opportunities abound. Let's get out there and do what we do best!

Good Selling!

Michael Anthony Giudicissi

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