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DME Partner Strategies

Does your company have its own DME division?

If not, here's an often overlooked opportunity for you - find out what DME is the preferred provider for your office (and why) as well as the plan B backup company.

Go and introduce yourself as one of their "A" accounts. Meet everyone from the Owner, Manager, Store Front Staff and the delivery drivers. Learn their sales process when a customer comes into the store on their own, looking for a piece of equipment. For example, a son wanting to purchase a walker for his elderly father who has recently started experiencing falls. This is where you will want to in-service the staff on the benefits of their customer having Homecare, Home Health or Hospice. Provide your contact information, brochures, etc. Be available to provide a family consult. Become a proactive partner with your DME to increase business and serve your community more effectively. Make sure you are continuing the training process with every call.

Now for the delivery staff....provide a separate inservice for this group. Certain DME should be an automatic trigger for additional care, such as physical therapy. If the customer does not have homecare services your information packet can simply be provided without persuasion. Permission to follow up with additional information can be obtained at this time then passed on to you - their "A" account. There is a lot of business that falls through the cracks here. Even when DME is ordered by a physician. It's not uncommon for a Homecare referral to be overlooked. This is an excellent opportunity to educate potential referral sources on common triggers for Homecare....don't sleep on this one!

If your census is in crisis there's no time to waste. Let me create your unique campaign and strategy now. Call me and let's get started today!

Jayme Salter, RN

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