• Michael Giudicissi

Business Cards are so Passé

Have you noticed that not many people use cash anymore? Since the dawn of Covid, handling paper money back and forth just doesn't have the same luster it used to. I've noticed the same with shaking hands, and now with business cards. What used to be the staple of the initial business meeting is quickly going by the wayside. Paper, in any form, is not tech friendly anyway. If someone gets your card, doesn't create a contact in their device, and then throws the card away, they throw you away with it.

Today, I'm proposing you move to the Electronic Business Card (EBC) going forward....now and forever. Haven't heard of it? It's simple:

Create a contact card on your phone for yourself. Make sure you include phone #, email, business address, full name, company name, and your photo. This is NOT your personal info (which can easily be created on another card). Now, when you meet someone new you can eschew the handling of a paper card and simply offer to Airdrop (Apple), use an app (Android), or text your EBC to them. If you text it, you now also have the benefit of having their mobile number for other text based communications. Your next benefit is that if you get their EBC you can easily upload it to your CRM without any typing. Finally, making your business card electronic means it can be shared so the next time someone asks your referral source who to use for Home Health, Hospice, DME, or Private Duty, they can share with the tap of a button.

No more germs, no more business cards that wind up in the trash. Go EBC today!

Good (electronic) Selling!

Michael Anthony Giudicissi

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