• Michael Giudicissi

Bad Month or Bad Luck?

We've all seen it.....that month when referrals dry up and what you expected to happen never materialized. When this invariably does happen, you have to quickly determine whether you had a bad month (which needs to be fixed), or if you merely had bad luck (which probably cannot be fixed).

I use 3 key questions to help me decide which one has happened.

  1. Did I do anything differently during the month? Did I do more or less of something, or did I take on a completely new activity that took me away from what I normally do?

  2. Did my competition do something differently during the month? Have they put a new program, marketing initiative, or service in place that took away my referral market share?

  3. Did my referral sources do anything differently during the month? Did they join an ACO, sign a preferred provider agreement, or open their own agency?

If the answer to these 3 things is "NO", then you had bad luck....nothing more, nothing less. It happens. Stay the course of what made you successful in the past and your success should return.

If you answered "YES" to any of these 3 things then you had a bad month and you need to intervene NOW to turn things around. If you did something different, it didn't work...undo it. If your competition did something different, determine if your agency needs to do it too. If you referral sources did something different, see if you can find your place within their new reality to continue caring for their patients.

The key is to not overreact when a bad month occurs, but to find the fix, seize the opportunity, and get on with it. This test should be applied at the end of ANY bad month....don't wait for it to become a trend....for trends quickly become habits, and habits....are hard to break.

Call me at 833-POWER31 for one on one coaching to minimize your bad months and replace them with GREAT ones!

Good Selling

Michael Anthony Giudicissi

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