• Michael Giudicissi

3 Outcome Sales Calls

Yesterday while on a coaching call I wanted to simplify the message I was delivering to my client. While we discussed different strategies to get new accounts referring I wanted my client to understand what we were aiming for as far as outcomes go.

Here are the 3 outcomes you can achieve in any sales call.

  1. They haven't referred by they still can or will

  2. They haven't referred and they will not (for whatever reason)

  3. They have referred


If you achieve outcome #1 then your mission is to figure out what will prompt them to make that first referral.

If you achieve outcome #2 then you must move on. There is no sense wasting time here when you can move on to other accounts that will refer.

If you achieve outcome #3...congratulations! Your next step is to work with them so they can refer again (and again, etc...)

If you break all of your accounts into these 3 buckets it will be very easy to figure out what to do next. Often we complicate sales into dozens of different little buckets when in reality, there are only these three.

Take a few minutes to classify your accounts today and then.....take the next step!

I'll be teaching this and a lot more at our Virtual Momentum Sales Training Seminar on October 29th. Find out more and register for the powerful training that will help you grow referrals, admissions, and revenue.

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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