• Michael Giudicissi

More Referral Success

I received more great news on new referrals from an attendee from our current Home Care Marketing Accelerator (COVID Edition) Program. I love getting messages like this...


I’d like to share a success story... I’ve been re-teaching what we are doing on our Wednesday call and look what I just got from one of my reps ....

'Good Afternoon. TGIF!! So I finally had my F2F lunch with Jane from (account name...new Target account) I picked up 5 potential referrals for insulin mgmt. I pray you all have a safe and relaxing weekend!!'"

For agencies and reps that put in the work, these types of results are not unusual. You have an opportunity to join the next Home Care Marketing Accelerator starting this Wednesday, September 16th. If you are struggling with growth during the COVID era, we can help.

Register Today! September 16th is just around the corner.

Good Selling,

Michael Giudicissi

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