• Michael Giudicissi

2 New Admits Per Month?

I received an email over the weekend from a participant in the current Home Care Marketing Accelerator webinar program. Here is an excerpt:

"Hi Michael,

I received 2 new HH referrals last week by asking for the referral. These were new offices with no history of stopping by for months. I felt after the training my confidence had improved and I need to be asking for a rx every sales call.

I started in HH last November with no training. I have over 150 offices that I visit where I'm the "cookie man". Per your last session I realized that I have allowed it to be OK with most of my prospects not sending referrals, they all love me but no referrals."

Now this is only one example, but our training revolves around getting regular monthly (or more) referrals from these key referral sources. In this example, following our Momentum Sales Strategy this agency should be able to generate these "new" 2 admits each and every month. That's 24 new admits per year JUST from these 2 referral sources.

What would 24 new admits per year mean to your agency? For a home health agency, perhaps $75K? For a private duty agency, perhaps $125K?

Remember....this is from only 2 of the 20 key accounts we focus on.

What's the cost of this training? $975 for the entire 10 week program.

When does the next class start? Next Wednesday September 16th.

Can you still register? Absolutely, and you should....today.

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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