• Michael Giudicissi

COVID Sales Pyramid

Are you struggling to figure out the correct "mix" of sales interactions with your referral sources? You're not alone. Reps across the country are still experimenting with how to effectively communicate and sell to key referral sources. We've devised the COVID Sales Pyramid to help.

As you can see, the top of the pyramid is your in person (face to face) selling. It's at the top because it is the most impactful, yet available to use in very limited opportunities. When you get these interactions it is a must to have a plan to move the relationship forward, because you may not get another chance for weeks or months.

The middle of the pyramid is your "active communication"...that is, communication you are expecting a timely response from. Test messages, messaging programs, and phone calls fall into this category (as do virtual Zoom type sales calls or inservices). Since you are expecting a response, it pays to use these in moderation. You don't want to constantly be expecting your referral source to drop what they're doing and respond to you, when they're faced with similar requests from a number of your competitors. Be careful and use this moderately, but wisely.

The bottom of the pyramid is where you can put the most sales interaction volume to work for you. This is your "passive communication" area. These are sales or marketing messages that don't expect a direct response. Things you post on your social media pages, website, or informational emails you might send (just like this newsletter). While you still don't want to overload people with information you can do more here since the receiver of this information can decide whether or not to take action on it, and they don't get the feeling someone on the other end is standing by for an answer.

Compare your selling activities to the pyramid and see how you stack up. If you're too heavy in certain areas (and not getting the results you want) simply adjust your strategy for 2 weeks to see if your results change.

We're going to be working within the confines of COVID for many months or even years.....so let's get great at drafting a sales plan that works for you!

I'm available for one on one coaching for those agencies that want to put this into place immediately. You can email me for more info or to get started.

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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