• Michael Giudicissi

The Next Best Thing To Being There

With in person sales opportunities plummeting to an all time low (our 10 week webinar class reported only 22% ability to see even one person in person last week), it's time to change the game.

Today's strategy is simply what we call "The Parking Lot Call".

If you have anything to deliver, a message to give, or follow up on an existing referral, you'll want to liberally use the Parking Lot Call to your advantage.

The call itself is simple. You engage your referral source via phone, text, or some other "active" communication method (this will not work with email). You tell them/give them the thing you had planned for this call. Then, you simply tack on "I'm out on the road, so I pulled into your parking lot to make this call (send this message, send this text, etc..). So, if I can help with any referrals or anything else, I'm right here.

Simple....and effective.

What we've missed so very much since March is proximity to our referral sources. We could talk to them via a variety of methods but we couldn't be in the same place. This is as close as you're going to get in many cases. The beauty is, if they have a referral, or need your help.....you're right there. It's not intrusive, it's helpful. If they don't need you....no worries, just move on to your next sales call. You can resume your "on the road" sales calls by using this call liberally.

Of course, make sure you are observing all safety protocols......but get back out there. It's time.

It's time....

You NEED strategies like this to move into home care sales 2.0. We've got them each and every week in our Home Care Marketing Accelerator 10 Week Webinar program. The next class begins this week on Wednesday July 29th. Register your entire team for one low price. Get the training that gets your agency back in the game! 10 weeks of LIVE training for less than $100 per week!


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