• Michael Giudicissi

Brewery Selling Technique

Why bother asking for the sale when "they know what I'm here for"?

That's the refrain I hear from sales reps around the globe when we bring them through our training programs.

"I feel like I shouldn't be too pushy so I just visit and say hi."

Another priceless gem.

Let me make it simple. Guy "A" walks up to incredibly beautiful woman "B" in a local brewery. Since guy "A" is single (not wearing a wedding ring) and woman "B" also appears to be single, guy "A" stands there and stares at her. He reasons that "She must know what I'm here for", so he decides against asking her on a date, buying her a drink, or even asking her any questions about herself. He simply says "Hi" and continues to stare at her.

After awhile, guy "A" gets the distinct impression that woman "B" is uncomfortable with him just standing there, so he leaves and goes back to his friends. 15 minutes later, he decides to go say "Hi" again, and predictably he gets the same response. After 3 more of these "interactions" guy "A" wonders "What's her problem? I'm standing right there in front of her. She must know I'd like to get to know her and go on a date. Why won't she just ask me out?".

Finally woman "B" is so uncomfortable with guy "A" coming around to say hi and stare at her that she calls the bouncer over and asks that guy "A" be thrown out of the brewery. The bouncer complies and guy "A", now standing outside on the sidewalk says to himself "Good riddance! She doesn't know what she wants....what a head case!" and proceeds to walk down the street to another brewery to repeat the same process again. And again.....and again.

I've just described how 80% of the reps in home care marketing approach their job. It doesn't have to be this way.

Ask for what you want. In many, many cases....you'll get it. When you don't, ask why not? In many, many cases...they'll tell you why. Once you know why not you can either change the "why not" or move on knowing you couldn't have done more.

So simple, so easy. Your business will grow if you stop being guy "A".

If you're out and about, I'll meet you at the pub and show you how it's done.

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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