• Michael Giudicissi

First Wave Problems

You've been warned for months that the COVID-19 virus could potentially return in a second wave late this Summer or into Fall 2020. I've written on this site about the need to expect more short term lockdowns and quarantine situations.

Well, it looks like it's not going to happen. Seriously...


Because the first wave of COVID-19 is continuing unabated as Americans gather in larger and larger groups, refuse to self isolate with symptoms, and go about their business spreading the disease. We are recording our highest ever single day jumps in new cases even as hotspots like NY and NJ continue their decline.

So...what's the point?

Mayors and Governors around the country have rolled back reopening plans, delayed them altogether, and threatened a return to stay at home orders and shutdowns. Let's call this Wave 1.1

What do you do? THIS time, don't be late to the party. You know it's coming. There will be isolated (or maybe not isolated?) lockdowns. Remember the things you did to get back in the mind's eye of your key referral sources? Do them now, don't wait. In 2-3 weeks you'll do one of two things.

You'll say "That was overblown Michael, kind of a waste of time" in which case you'll have lost a little ground.

Or you'll say "Thanks Michael, I'm glad I did that. I didn't contribute to the problem and I'll still selling, marketing, and getting referrals from my key sources" in which case you'll be way ahead of your competitors who are running busily from building to building.

This is our reality for the next year. You've been given a head start. Use it wisely.

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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