• Michael Giudicissi

Be Water, My Friend

First...watch this:

What a profound thought from the master, Sensei Bruce Lee. Stop fighting everything, stop trying to make everything fit the mold that you want it to, and start accepting what is and using it to your advantage.

You too can "be water" in your sales effort, especially now.

You want your sales call to take a certain form (hey, that's what we've been teaching for years) but they don't. Be water.

You want someone to allow you into their building but they don't. Be water

You expect a response by a certain time or method but it doesn't come. Be water

Do you see? In this time of great change, you need to use what you are given to its maximum potential. There is no use ruminating about what you want. You're better off flowing with what you get. Make the most of every sales opportunity, regardless of the form it takes, by asking yourself:

"How do I flow with this person? This situation?" rather than trying to hammer it into something you want it to be.

The reps that are still out succeeding are those that are taking what they get and adapting on the fly.

Like water....

So this weeks lesson?

Flow, don't crash.

Be water my friend...

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

PS: Sales is coming back on line across the country. I have a few one on one Power Coach spots left for those that want to be high achievers. Check out the Power Coach page and contact me to reserve your spot today.

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