May 19, 2020

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Stability Rules

April 13, 2017

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Post COVID-19 Marketing Is Going To Be Different Than You Expect

April 11, 2020

May 1st....or June 1st, or some month of some day, the lockdown we're under is going to be lifted. When it is, many industry people expect that our sales and marketing effort will slowly go back to the way it was before.


I don't.....


I believe the post COVID sales and marketing landscape is going to look dramatically different than what we were experiencing just 2 months ago. In fact, if you look at little more deeply at the changes that have swept the homecare industry in the past few years, you'll see that we were already heading down this path....COVID is just accelerating it. 


How different will things be?


First and foremost we should realize that COVID-19 is a robust virus that preys (mostly) on the elderly and infirmed, while still sometimes going after younger healthy people with no pre-existing conditions. The random nature of the virus is what's most concerning. If you knew exactly the population of society that was at risk you could shield them to a degree. Every time the virus takes a young healthy person you realize that you might not be "safe" from it for some time.  Also, if you follow some of the world's leading epidemiologists, you'll see that they are expecting a "rebound" this fall or winter when the virus begins to slow in the southern hemisphere. So, while we may be lifted from our temporary sales exile, that reprieve will most likely be short lived. 

 Is this our new sales reality? Probably not, but never know? 


So, many of the precautions that are in place now such as no visitors, etc....are either going to stay in place, or be relaxed only slightly which will definitely change the process of how we sell. You can be sure that if and when we do have a viral rebound those facilities will lock down immediately to protect their patients and residents, because they'll already know how to do business in that environment. 


Also, you seen the gradual lockdowns of hospital systems, large rehabs, SNFs, etc over the past 4-5 years. While this trend had little to nothing to do with protection from spreading germs and virus, it had everything to do with pr