• Michael Giudicissi

Disrupt This!

I've never been a fan of buzzwords. They get tossed around by people who want to be considered cutting edge, but rarely are. The latest business buzzword is "Disruption" or "Disruptor".

People talk about disrupting the home care industry. They talk about being a disruptor of the same old processes that have been used for years. Some people actually are making positive changes, but most are just using a buzzword to describe the same thing they've been doing forever.


The private duty and hospice industry actually DO need someone to disrupt something....referral patterns.

If you truly want to effect a positive disruption of the industry, and help more patients in need, then you need to disrupt the current ineffective referral patterns that exist.

Both private duty home care and hospice are notoriously under referred even in this day and age. A facility that makes 30 home healthcare referrals per month should be making 60 private duty referrals.....but they make 1 instead. Because some physicians still avoid talking about terminal outcomes with patients, they seek curative treatment long after their prognosis says it won't work....and hospice referrals that SHOULD be make, don't get made.

These patterns are harming people and leaving them exposed. THESE are the things in healthcare that deserve a true disruption.

So, how do you do it?

1. Relentless education on the value and need of making referrals

2. Case studies that show the value of making more and better referrals

3. Data and outcomes that prove the value of making more referrals

4. Advocacy of patients in need who are not currently getting referrals

5. C suite level selling to impress the absolute need of making appropriate referrals

Let's start a disruption wave in the home care industry. Let's take the pledge that we are going to make sure that EVERY person that should be referred to private duty or hospice actually gets referred. Let's agree that we're not going to let the indifference of jaded referral sources dissuade us from our mission. Let's. Do. It.

Home health agencies....you can help too....YOU have patients that need hospice or private duty. Join the movement, ride the wave, make the referral. Disrupt your own business for the betterment of the entire industry.

Drop me a line and let me know how YOU are distrupting the home care industry.

Good Disrupting!

Michael Giudicissi

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