• Michael Giudicissi

Trust Issues In Sales

For anyone who has spent at least a week in the sales and marketing function in the home care industry, you'll know that success is built upon the quality of your relationships. The better they are, the better your results are (provided, they are with the right referral sources that have the type of referrals you are seeking)

Relationships are built upon 3 key components:

1. Like

2. Trust

3. Respect

For the time being, let's throw respect out because it takes a long time to build, and is married not only to your reputation, but to your agency's.

So, we're left with "Like" and "Trust".

Liking someone is fine, but in no way guarantees that you will work with them. There are many people in your personal and professional life that you like, but that you would never work with. The home care industry is filled with likable people, but there simply is no way that they can all succeed...and based upon my experience, many of them don't. So while "like" is a good start, building "trust" is far more important.

Here are some key ways to build trust, and things you should be working on from your very first interaction with any referral source:

1. Put a timeframe on everything, and deliver within that time frame

2. Deliver a high quality of service to referred patients or clients

3. If issues occur, be the first to speak about what you'll do to fix them

4. Don't compromise patient info, or create potential HIPAA violations

5. Don't hide from the tough conversations. Your referral source knows you have to have them too.

If you, or your loved one was going to be referred to home care, you would want the referral source to refer you to someone they trusted deeply. You wouldn't care how much they liked that agency, only that they trusted them enough to put a human life in their hands.

Be THAT agency.

Be so good, they cannot ignore you.

Be Unignorable.

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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