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Interested vs Interesting

The science of sales relationship building

If you talk to any sales rep in the home care space, they'll tell you "relationship building" is one of the keys to success. I completely agree with them in this industry, and in any other. That said, many of these same reps use faulty logic when it comes to relationship building that actually hurts their long term chances of sales success. So then, here is a sales business tenet that you should internalize and use at every "relationship building" opportunity.

Be INTERESTED in them, before you attempt to be INTERESTING to them.

All too often, the process of being INTERESTING to them precedes anything else the sales rep does. This leads to overselling, lack of prospect engagement, and a loss of interest in your services.

Imagine if you will a first date between two people. They meet, exchange pleasantries, and begin talking. One person begins to monopolize the conversation, talking almost exclusively about themselves. The other person, who is initially interested, begins to understand that their date is only concerned about talking about themselves, not learning about the new person they are dating. What do you think happens next?

The date doesn't go well, the person who was excluded from the conversation decides they don't want a second date, and they decide to date someone else. This, is a bad first date.

If you've ever done the "show up and throw up" sales call, where during the first meeting you spent most of the time talking about your services, abilities, strengths, and desire for referrals....you ARE the bad first date!

We recommend with new prospects that the process of being INTERESTED in them take place separate from the process of being INTERESTING to them. Make the first meeting all about learning about your prospect, and save the selling for subsequent meetings. You can also repair faulty relationships by reestablishing them via this same method.

Our powerful sales techniques have generated millions of dollars in new revenues for our clients. For a no obligation consultation on how we can help your home health, hospice, private duty, ALF or other post acute provider agency or facility grow, contact Michael today.

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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