• Michael Giudicissi

How Many Touches to Make a Sale?

You've read the stat a hundred times,

It takes 7 touches to make a sale but 90% of sales reps give up after the first one

Is it true?

Yes, and No. It's true in the study that cited those statistics (long since lost to the vastness of the internet). I took some time to see what other studies said about the same subject. The results will be surprising.

Apparently it takes 8 touches just to get someone to listen to you.....but wait, this one says it takes only 5-7 touches to generate a sale.

Hmmmm, which one is right. Let's keep looking.

Ok, now we're in the range of 6-8 touches just to create a viable sales lead here....while this one says 7-13 touches!!

I'm confused!

So, which study is right? They ALL are, of course. Within that industry, within that group of salespeople, with that product or service, and with that price point....every single one of these studies is valid. So what's the number for homecare you might ask?

The answer is simple. As many as it takes. Yes, it takes as many touches as it takes to generate interest, get the referral, and establish a solid referral relationship.

So, you should ask "Does that mean I should stay with an account forever, regardless of whether I'm making progress?". No, you shouldn't. Sales......all sales is a critical evaluation of results versus resources. The resource is YOU and your available sales time. You and your manager must be constantly monitoring your resources (time) against your results (referrals) and determining if a particular account is STILL worthy of being pursued, when compared to other opportunities.

"Sales, all sales is a critical evaluation of results versus resources"

There is no magic number of calls to establish a referral relationship. It takes as long as it takes. People are individuals. Some may be open to meeting and working with you on the first call, others not even on the hundred and first call. If you constantly evaluate the best places to spend your resources (time) versus where you are spending them now you will reduce the number of "touches" it takes to get business, and increase the amount of business you generate for every sales hour in the field.

Sales is part art and part science. This is the science part, and vitally important to achieve success. Which part is the art, you might ask?

You are.....a work of sales art.

Michael Giudicissi

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