• Michael Giudicissi

December Sales Calendar

December is a month like no other in the homecare and post acute world. The holiday season is upon us and it pays to take a moment to arrange your calendar to take best advantage (and not waste resources) at this time of year. Here are the key dates for December 2019

December 1 - Time to assess your year to date performance. If you're behind, the first (almost) 3 weeks of December can be spectacular and might give you the chance to catch up. If you're at goal, stay the course and finish at your mark. If you are ahead, go for a new annual record, or start putting in some time building new and deeper relationships that will pay off in January and beyond.

December 16 - The start of "gifting" week. If you do any types of holiday gifts, this is the week to get them out there. Close enough to the holiday to mean something, but far enough away that you won't be lost in a sugar and calorie laden fog of pre holiday preparation. If you don't know what to gift, refer to our gifting guide for some great tips.

December 18 - Last Day To Sell. After this date, don't waste time selling (educating) your referral sources because it's very likely they can no longer pay attention. Use your time for coordinating referrals, "making nice" (as we say in the south), and generally being available if needed.

December 20 - Talk to key referral sources about their Christmas week schedule and any anticipated needs from your agency. Share your schedule and who'll back you up if you won't be on the job for a significant number of days.

December 26 - This is the start of your "re-qualifying week" (only a few days this year). This is the time to re-qualify every single key account and prospect before the start of the new year. Make sure you know what's changed for them and their patients so you are ready to sell, and serve in 2020.

Great Decembers are great because they give you a chance to finish the year strongly, and give you a great launchpad for the new year. Go out and have a great December!

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