• Michael Giudicissi

Stock Market & Sales

If you haven't noticed, the US stock markets are on a tear. Overall, the markets are at or near their historical high levels, even though the day to day volatility swings are more severe than we've seen in recent memory.

Whether you are an investor in stocks and bonds or not, I have a serious question to ask you. Think about your approach to, and results in your current sales or sales management role.

If you were a stock, would you in invest in you?

In sales that's what we call a "clarifying question". That is, it cuts right to the heart of the matter.

So, would you?

Would you take $1,000 (or any amount) of your hard earned money and invest it in you, believing you'd get your $1,000 back PLUS an additional return on investment?

If you said "yes", good for you! I love that confidence and belief in yourself and your sales plan.

If you said "no", don't worry...all is not lost.

The people that said no have probably looked at their recent returns (referrals, admits, hours, revenue, census) and said "I'm not generating enough to cover the cost of having me at this company". This is why we ask clarifying questions. They help get through all of the veneer we build up about ourselves and our work. Now that you're clear that you want to improve your results, what can you do?

Well, ask yourself what a company listed on the Dow Jones would do if their returns were not good, and their price per share was plummeting?

1. They would look to cut costs or increase productivity

2. They would change their sales & marketing plan to be more effective

3. They would utilize technology to work faster and increase quality

4. They would shake things up and bring in new leadership with new ideas

5. They would ask their customers what they wanted to see from the company

You see? They wouldn't just sit there and watch their company wither and die. They would proactively make changes that should lead to better results, and a better price per share (and return for their investors).

Why can't you do the same thing? You can, of course. If the road you're traveling isn't bringing the results that you or your agency want, you simply need to get on a new road. You need to stop doing the same things that are hurting your results and undertake new sales activities that help them.

Do it. Start today. Be worthy of an investment in yourself. I believe in you.

If you need to "shake things up" and bring in new leadership or ideas, I can coach or manage your sales team for you to get them on the right track. Email me and we'll set up a time to discuss how to become "investment worthy".

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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