• Michael Giudicissi

Driver or Passenger?

I was speaking to a client last week that is experiencing record setting revenue growth this year. Assuming (always a dangerous thing) that the Fall continues as it started they will finish well ahead of plan for the year and set a new annual revenue record.

Great, right?

How did they do it? They stuck by the plan that I always talk about and promote:

"Have a good Summer and a great Fall"

It got me to thinking about the 3 different approaches that agencies and reps take when the pace of referrals picks up during the Fall.

1. The Passenger: They sit in the passenger seat and let things happen as they will.

They don't take an active part in the referral growth because they feel that someone or something else is driving it. They merely sit back and enjoy the ride, and the increased business.

2. The Cruise Controller: They sit in the driver's seat with the cruise control on.

That is, they actually are in control of their sales effort and goals, and they take an active part in growing it. They direct their efforts toward the referral sources that are likely to help them build their business and steer away from those that won't.

3. The Driver: They sit in the driver's seat with hands on the steering wheel, and foot on the accelerator. These are the reps they write stories about. They realize that this is STILL the time to build on the business you would otherwise get. They uncover opportunities and work HARDER even when it seems easy to grow their business.

So, this week you should give yourself an honest assessment of which type of sales "driver" you are. The goal is to move up the scale one step. If you're a Passenger, become a Cruise Control Driver. If you're a Cruise Controller, become a Driver. If you're already a Driver, speed right to the head of the pack.

It's tempting to reveal in "easier" sales especially since the Summer is so challenging in many regions, but now is the time when you can set records. You can look back on January 1 and say "That was my best year ever". You can carve out market share that will give you a HUGE boost in Q1 of next year. You get it.....

The best way to get started on "Driving" sales is to register for our 10 week Home Care Marketing Accelerator webinar program that begins THIS WEDNESDAY! Register today for 10 weeks of incredible guided sales training at less than $100 per week for your entire team (1 location only).

Check out our other upcoming webinar training programs as well and let's set some records in 2019!

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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