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Senior Care Marketing Must Do #32

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Monday 8:15am: Check your calendar and realize it's NOT Christmas!

During one of last week's coaching calls I got an interesting question from my client. I'm sure it's been asked 100 times before, but never exactly like this....and it made me stop and think before I gave an answer. The question was:

"Michael, what's your feeling on dropping off gifts (candy, coffee, trinkets, etc) every time you see some of these accounts. It feels wrong to do it all the time and sometimes I wonder if they even remember who it came from"

Now, I have too many stories to even remember about referral sources who didn't know, and often didn't care about where some "treat" came from. I won't bore you with them here. The point is, Christmas is special to many people because it comes once each year. If Christmas came once a month, it would definitely not have the same feel. If it came every week it would be less special. Every day and.....well, you get it.

I can hear the collective comments you are making now "Michael, I don't bring stuff on every visit or sales call. I only do it once in awhile". If that's true, great.....but I know from experience that your "once in awhile" and mine are probably much different.

If you are going to use food or small gifts as part of your marketing effort, they should mean something, they should be timely (as in, thanks for working with us on this specific referral), and they should never be expected to take the place of your professional selling effort.

This week, take an honest look at your "gifting" and judge 2 key things....

1. Is it working? Are you even getting business from the people you are doing the most "gifting" with? All too often reps try to "gift" their way into accounts. Gifts should be used only as a thank you, and never as a "please work with us"

2. Am I doing it too often to be special and appreciated? - If the gift is expected, it's no longer special and is useless as it relates to building a relationship. Imagine you had a friend who you expected to bring you coffee every time they came to your house, and you weren't happy when they didn't. That's not much of a friendship (at least for them), and you're not much of a friend if so.

Spread your "gifting" out (if you do it at all) and make it special, rather than expected. When you do you'll see true appreciation from your referral sources. It will mean more, therefore it will be more effective.

Channel your inner Santa this week and every week and make your marketing dollars go farther.

If you can't figure out what to do on the weeks you DON'T bring gifts, you need to join me beginning October 9th for our next 10 Week Home Care Accelerator Webinar Program. I'll take you through 10 weeks of powerful sales training that will teach you our Momentum Sales Strategy from start to finish. You'll sell more professionally and get more referrals! Get all the details and register your entire sales team for one low price today!

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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