• Michael Giudicissi

Senior Care Marketing Must Do #31

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter

Monday 8:30am: See how you rank

Cold Calling/Prospecting


Sales Presentation

Handling Objections


Follow Up

Here are the basic parts of the home care industry sales process, and generally in the order they occur. This week I want you to critically rank how well you do each of these from the number 1 (this is what you are BEST at) to the number 6 (this is what you struggle with). You may need some outside help from your sales manager in order to get a good picture of your skill set....and an accurate rating is imperative to improving your sales results.

You may notice that there is something missing from my list above that you probably consider a part of the sales process:

Relationship Building

The reason that doesn't show up on my list is because it is NOT part of the sales process. It is something you do so that you CAN follow a sales process. In essence, by building a relationship you then have the ability to qualify, sell, close, etc....with your contact. The other reason it's not on my list is that most of you would pick that as your #1 skill. If all it took to succeed in sales was relationship building, everyone would be a superstar. Realize, I'm not negating the important of "relationship building", I'm simply saying that it is not selling.....you still need to be good at it, otherwise you'll have no one to sell to!

Ok, have you finished your rankings? Great, here's whats next. Starting this month you will work to improve numbers 2-6 at a rate of one skill per month. At the end of 5 months (January 2020) you will have revamped your entire sales skill set, and should be much more effective at selling. Here's the schedule:

September 2019 - Work on #6

October 2019 - Work on #5

November 2019 - Work on #4

December 2019 - Work on #3

January 2020 - Work on #2

February 2020 - You now have a complete set of sales skills!

What kind of work should you be doing? Here are some choices:

1. Practice - Get out and force yourself to do that thing more, every single day if possible until you see yourself getting better and more comfortable with it.

2. Read - Get some good sales training books and read up on the craft of selling

3. Learn - Attend training seminars (Our Sales Closing Workshop in Dallas this Friday is a great example) and absorb as much as you can

4. Ask for help - Work with your sales manager to get tips on how to improve that skill

No one gets better by accident. It takes work, it takes repetition, and it takes commitment. If you have committed to making sales your career, here is the perfect blueprint to become more successful at it, and to enjoy your career for years to come.

If we can help in any of these areas, give us a call at 1-833-POWER31

Check out our next 10 week LIVE Webinar Sales Training Program beginning on October 9th. One price trains your entire team.

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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