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Senior Care Marketing Must Do #29

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Tuesday 8am: Read this newsletter

Tuesday 8:15am: Make dinner plans

Imagine I meet a woman somewhere (let's say, at a coffee shop). We seem to hit it off and I ask for her phone number. She gives it to me. Later that evening (because I'm not a patient person) I call and ask if she would like to have dinner with me the following week. She says, "Sure, that would be fun". I let her know I'll get in touch during the week so we can pick a day. Now, every time I call or text her about a specific day she says, "sounds good, let me check my schedule" but never gets back to me. I try this for 2 weeks (or 2 months) but we never get past the "let me check my schedule" part.

What do you think about this relationship?

Probably "You don't HAVE a relationship Michael" and you would be correct. The relationship starts when we actually share something, i.e. a meal, conversation, an experience, etc. Until there is some shared experience the relationship does not exist (except in my mind, I guess).

The same holds true for your referral relationships. Until you share something (a referral for services) you have no real business relationship. You're only talking about what MIGHT happen if you ever do have a relationship, and if you ever do business. This is why the idea of "relationship building" in order to get the first referral is a backwards notion. I hear reps every week tell me they are still working on "building that relationship" so that they can finally get a referral.

That's backwards.

That's inefficient.

That doesn't work (at least, not enough times to make it a sound strategy).

Your body will follow what your mind says. If your mind says:

Build relationships - You will build relationships.

Build sales - You will build sales.

Simple. Get the referral, build the relationship, in that order.

You need excellent closing skills to generate "early" referrals in any relationship. That's what I teach.

Join me on September 13th in Dallas, TX to learn ALL of my closing secrets and techniques in one powerful day. Find out more and register here.

Good Selling! (and Closing!)

Michael Giudicissi

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