• Michael Giudicissi

Senior Care Marketing Must Do #25

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter

The rest of the week: Check your signals

What is a buying signal?

A buying signal is a sign of interest from a buyer (or referral source) that shows they are interested in buying your product (or referring to your agency).

How often do sales reps miss buying signals?

More often than you think.

What happens if I miss a buying signal in my next sales call?

You will likely either "fail to close" or "sell past the point of buying" and leave the sale for the next person to make.

So, what of these things we call buying signals? Any time you are considering buying something and you either picture yourself with that "thing" or ask specific questions about that "thing" you are sending out what we call a buying signal. Buying signals are easy to spot once you know what you are looking for. Here are a few examples for the senior care industry:

1. "So when I call your office, who would I be speaking to?" In this case, the prospect has already put themselves in the mindset of calling your office. They are prepared to "buy"

2. "How quickly could you get out here to meet with a family if I needed that?" Again, your prospect is already in the mindset of calling and now wants to envision what will happen next. They are prepared to "buy"

3. "If I'm going to refer anyone to your agency, I'm going to want to get to know your DON". This prospect already knows they are going to refer to you and only needs to meet the DON to build that final level of trust. They are ready to be closed.

Do you get the idea? All during your sales presentations you should be looking for the questions or statements that represent buying signals. When you get one, you should close on that question or statement because that might be the only chance you get. If for some reason you don't get a "yes" when you attempt to close, continue selling and look for the next signal. Few people are closed on the first attempt anyway, but you should confirm that they are ready (or not) by going for the close.

This week, put up your antenna and listen for as many buying signals as possible. Mark them down each time you hear them and add the total up at the end of the week. Then do it next week, and the week after. By the end of August I'll bet that your buying signals per week will go way up. Why? Not because there are more signals, but because you are getting better at picking them out.

You can learn all about buying signals and effective closing at our Senior Care Master Closing Workshop on Sep 13th in Dallas, TX and October 25th in Phoenix, AZ. Get all the details and register today!


We're finally making our 10 Week Senior Care Marketing Accelerator Program available at ANY TIME! That's right, you can still attend the next live program beginning on September 4th, but now you can access one of our recorded programs and start your training at any time. Visit the Accelerator page and click either the "Live" or "Virtual" tab with your order. Both programs come with access to me by phone or email during the entire duration of the program for all of your questions.

Have a great week.....good selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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