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Senior Care Marketing Must Do #23

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter

Monday 8:15am: Shut the Front Door!

I was having a conversation last week with a sales leader. The conversation was focused on breaking into large accounts (think hospital systems with multiple sites). He asked a simple yet powerful question...

"Shouldn't we be leading the first meeting with what we do best for hospitals? Wouldn't that get their attention?"

The answer was just as powerful, and useful for your selling efforts.

"If you're breaking into a house and the front door is wide open, don't crash through a 2nd story window...go through the front door!"

In essence, what I was saying was "Whatever THEY find valuable about your agency is what you should lead with, regardless of what you think is valuable". Take the path of least resistance to success.

The great care, programs, and services you provide are important, but why bother with those if the referral source ONLY cares that you're willing to come by on Friday afternoon to coordinate last minute discharges?

If you have incredible response and staffing time, but the referral source refers to you because you tell them a joke each time you see them, lead with the joke!

We can "want" people to refer to us based upon a lot of great competitive advantages, but the truth is, sometimes they just refer to us because we're us.....so embrace it. When you're attempting to break a new account, find out what they want and need....and deliver that (assuming it's legal and ethical to do so). Leave all of your other great selling advantages for later in the relationship. There's no use wasting them on someone who only cares what color shirt you're wearing.

Get out there today and sell the what they want....and shut the front door on the way out!

If you can't close, you can't sell

Our Senior Care Master Closing Workshop will teach you how, when, and why to close like a pro! Grow your sales, grow your income. You have 2 chances this year to join me for a day of great closing training:

September 13 - Mesquite, TX 9am-4pm

October 25 - Tempe, AZ 9am-4pm


Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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