• Michael Giudicissi

Senior Care Marketing Must Do #21

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter

Monday 8:15am: Count your objections

This week, you are out re-qualifying all of your key accounts, right? If you somehow missed that key objective, reset your schedule and get it done before the calendar hits July.

As you go about your re-qualifying you have one more key piece of information to find out.

What are they NOT referring to you? (for accounts, of course, that are not referring to you)

Here's the unvarnished truth, if ANY referral source is not referring to you, they have an objection to doing so. The only accounts you have that do not have an objection to referring to you are the ones that say yes when you ask them to, and then actually refer. Every single other account has some objection/reason for not referring and you must find out what it is.

You might read "objection" as in "they don't like me" but that's not true. Objection means they object to referring to your agency for a variety of reasons. Some of those might be:

- Don't know you well enough

- Haven't built trust with your agency

- Have providers they are happy with

- Have heard unfavorable things about your agency in the community

- Have never heard of you at all

- Have contracts in place with other agencies

- They like the coffee your competitor brings

- They only deal with closers and you've never actually asked them to refer

- Aren't even listening to you and have no idea what you just said

- And 100s more......

There is no way for you to "fix" an objection unless you know what it is....period, end of sentence. Some of the above objections are easy to fix, and some might be insurmountable. The only way to know, is to dig and find out.

If you don't uncover what the objection is to working with you, you'll never fix it, and you'll never win any business from that account. You'll spend fruitless weeks, months, or years "visiting" them and making nice, but having nothing to show for it. This week, dive into every account that is not referring and find what the objection is.

I'll say it again because it is important to understand, and to believe...

If they are NOT referring, they DO have an objection.

Go forth and find out what it is.....

Locations are secured for our big Senior Care Closing Workshops! Join me in Mesquite, TX on September 13 and Tempe, AZ on October 25 to learn to close sales and get referrals. Most reps are missing this key closing skill and in only one day, I'll teach it to you! Don't delay, register today!

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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