• Michael Giudicissi

Senior Care Marketing Must Do #19

Tuesday 8am: Read this newsletter

Tuesday 8:30am: Sloooooow down....


That's the average number of quality sales calls per week that my best reps make.


That's the number of average calls per day


That's the number of hours per day that most successful sales reps work


That's the average amount of time you have per sales call. Are you using it?

You have an entire hour (average) per sales call in order to get 40 good calls in per week. From travel, pre call planning, execution of the sales call, and post call recap, that's a lot of time. All too often however, I see reps in a rush to get from one call to the next....believing that more calls = more results. They walk in and out of doors just to check them off as "done". They get little in the way of referrals and think maybe if they just make more calls their results will improve. They get caught in a downward spiral of ineffective activity, and missing quota month after month.

Here's the secret.

Rushed unplanned sales calls (of any amount) = poor results

Quality, planned sales calls (of any amount) = great results

Don't mistake me....I've seen reps that make 15 rushed sales calls per week and waste 20 hours of valuable selling time on something else. The magic is in the planning, and with 40 hours per week, you have time to plan and execute 35-45 great calls.

Slow down and use your time wisely this summer, and watch your results rise as the temperature does.

You need professional sales coaching to become your best, no matter what your level of experience. That's where I come in. Summer is the perfect time to reorganize your accounts, polish up your selling skills, and become a master closer. Call the office at 833-POWER31 to set yourself up for 3 months of intensive one on one coaching today!

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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