• Michael Giudicissi

Senior Care Marketing Must Do #15

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You want it. To succeed in this industry, you need it.

But...do you have it? I hear it all the time

"They like me over there, why won't they refer to me?"

Because they don't respect you, that's why. Here's a simple 2 part quiz to figure out why you're not getting referrals.

1. How many nice people have you met in the healthcare industry? (hint, lots of them)

2. How many of them could you refer clients or patients to if you really wanted to? (hint, few of them)

If your answer was "All of them", you are not being honest, or you didn't understand the question. You don't have an unlimited supply of referrals to make to other agencies and facilities. You might like someone from every single company you meet, but there is no way you can refer to them all, correct? If you tried to, in the name of being "fair" you would use some rotating list where each company would get one of your referrals on very infrequent basis. That wouldn't be "fair" to the patients you were referring, or to the companies you were referring them to (because some of them deserve NO referrals and some deserve many based on their level of service).

So, do you still wonder why them liking you isn't getting you business? Here's a simple reference for you to work with.

1. If they like me, they MIGHT refer to me

2. If they don't like me, they PROBABLY won't refer to me (unless compelled by situation to do so)

3. If they RESPECT me, they will refer to me and want both of our businesses to succeed.

So, do you want to be liked or respected? Good, I thought so.

Think about the people you truly respect...what things do they have in common. Here's my list.

1. They are honest

2. They are forthcoming

3. They are trustworthy

4. They say what needs to be said, even when it stings.

5. They do what they say they'll do...every time.

6. They are brave

Your list might be different, and that's ok. Make sure that whatever IS on your list, are the things you are doing in these accounts that "like" you but don't refer to you and soon, you'll be getting respect, and referrals.

Change the game..

Summer time is GREAT time for a sales workshop for your team. They can learn the skills they need, perfect them over the Summer, and have them ready when the busy Fall selling season begins. No wasted time! To book your 1 or 2 day sales workshop in your office, call me at 1-833-POWER31 today.

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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