• Michael Giudicissi

Senior Care Marketing Must Do #11

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter

Monday 9am: Get 5x Better!

You've been avoiding something. I know, because I've been watching you. You've been avoiding....(choose one or more of the following):

1. Qualifying your accounts properly

2. Becoming a more professional presenter

3. Directly and confidently handling objections

4. Closing for the business in every single sales call

5. Getting into those tough accounts with the nasty gatekeeper.

So, how many did you choose?

I want you to be better at whatever your shortcoming is. Your agency does too. So, here's how to improve.

This week, identify 5 prospect accounts that you KNOW aren't any good. They don't have referrals, refuse to work with home care, whatever the reason....

I want you to call on 1 of them each day this week and push yourself to do the thing that you identified above as your shortcoming. That's right...just 1 each day. This is your "practice" to improve this skill. No one cares if you screw up because they don't refer anyway....and you're only practicing with no expectation of success. This exercise simply allows you to refine your skills in a real world sales setting.....in which you'll get better, faster. It's like putting your sales skills in the microwave, versus waiting for the oven to preheat.

Even though these aren't great accounts, we still want YOU to be great. So, to that end you should still plan the call before you walk in, understand the skill you want to work on, and push yourself to do the thing you've been avoiding. If you do this 5x this week, next week (in your good accounts) you'll be 5x better at it! If being 5x better isn't enough, then repeat the process next week on another 5 accounts until you have mastered the skill that is holding you back.

How long will this sales call take? Probably no more than 20 minutes (including travel, planning, and making the call). You have 20 minutes in your day.....I know you do. Use it wisely this week and watch what happens in your key accounts when you unleash your newfound skill.

Can you say, "More referrals Michael"?

You can, and you will. Get to it...and good luck!

If you need a guided sales training program to work on these skills, join me beginning April 30th for our next Senior Care Marketing Accelerator 10 Week Program. It's one price per office and a great way to grow your agency's referrals and admissions.

We still have space for you in Las Vegas for the Senior Care Marketing Workout! Workshop on May 2-3. Check out the agenda and register to meet me at The Linq Hotel & Casino!

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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