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Senior Care Marketing Must Do #7

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter

Monday 8:15am: Register for the Senior Care Sales Workout! Workshop (Hotel block is filling up!)

Monday 8:30am: Get down on one knee

I had an interesting coaching meeting with one of my coaching clients last week. This woman is very professional, skilled and experienced in sales, and willing to put in the work to succeed. She did, however, say one thing that made me pause. She was recounting one of her cold call/qualifying attempts and related the following:

"The person I wanted to see wasn't there, so I talked the gatekeeper and said 'I brought this little treat for Sally, but since she's not here, now it's for you!'"


So you know, I did immediately let her know that I would keep her anonymous but wanted to use this example for this week's newsletter.

What's the lesson to be learned from this story?

Don't ask me to marry you with the ring you bought for someone else.

Here's the moral of the story. EVERY interaction with anyone at one of your key accounts is important. The gatekeeper could be the son or daughter of the doctor. The referral coordinator could be married to the Executive Director...and so on, and so on. While this phrase above was merely a quick oversight, it's a great time to learn that you should never take your interactions with people for granted. You don't know how deep their roots go. If you are going to build a relationship with the gatekeeper to maintain access to key personnel....then build it! As a first thought, not as an afterthought. If you are going higher up the corporate ladder and wanting to establish yourself with the hospital administrator, don't approach it like a one off meeting.....figure out a long term plan of action to make that relationship a reality....and then follow it! Be flexible enough to change plans effectively when your key contact isn't available....so that the person you DO speak with understands their importance and value to you. Second hand relationships get second hand results.

This week, study your key accounts.....see if you have been (on purpose or inadvertently) treating anyone as a "second class citizen". If you have, now is the time to change it. Make it a high priority to reenergize this relationships with time, value, and caring. If you don't somebody else will....guaranteed. You never know....you might just be talking to the next person that decides where all of that facility's referrals go!

And guys, a little tip from me to you...Don't ask her to marry you with the ring you bought for your ex.

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Have a great week and Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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