• Michael Giudicissi

Senior Care Marketing Must Do #6

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter

Monday 8:15am: Stop saying it, start Proving it!

What are you?

In the sense of: What kind of salesperson are you, I mean?

Are you caring, responsive, professional, organized, great communicator, etc?

If so, starting this week I want you to STOP saying those things, and start PROVING them. Now....you're probably saying "I already do that Michael", and you might be right. But...here is the key question....are you that "thing" ALL the time, EVERY time? You see, when you tell someone they can count on you to be responsive, are you responsive every single time they call on you? If the answer is yes, kudos....well done. If the (more likely) answer is "most of the time", then you have some work to do. YOU bring intrinsic value to the referral relationship. In many cases (at least early in the relationship) YOU are the reason that someone chose to work with your agency or facility. If that's the case, then YOU should be a known and consistent commodity for your referral source. There's nothing worse than being the "great communicator", building a relationship upon that, and then dropping the ball on a key referral with a family who demands communication. Hey, it's happened to me in my sales career so it can definitely happen to you.

Imagine if a car dealer advertised "45 miles per gallon on the highway....most of the time". How about a grocery store promoting "Our produce is the freshest in town! (except on the days the truck gets stuck coming over the mountain)". Maybe you'd avoid a Lasik surgeon who advertised "Our clients enjoy 20/20 vision! (when the surgery actually works)".

Get the idea? None of these companies would advertise this, but some of them sure would deliver these kinds of "promises". Don't be like them.

You cannot be all things to all people. Some of us are NOT organized....so don't promote it. By all means, work on being more organized, but don't build your relationships based upon that. Some of us are very responsive, but you must be responsive all of the time if you want to be known for that. The one time you are not, is the time people remember.

So, I'll ask again....who are you? Who are you going to PROVE you are starting this week. Aside from your company's great service, the referral source is really "buying" YOU. What guarantee comes with buying you? What will they get each and every time, that they'll never have to wonder about? What's the thing you do better than anyone else and will do every single time? That's your personal "sales brand", and if you don't have it, it's time to build it.

Just like in any other area of marketing....you build your brand, and you build your sales.

Start building.

Also, start registering for our Senior Care Sales Workout! This high powered 2 day workshop on May 2-3 is like going to a personal trainer to build your sales muscles! Break out your best workout clothes because this isn't some "sit and listen" workshop. You'll be out of your seat, working on your skills with other sales professionals, and bringing back a lean, mean selling machine!

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Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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