• Michael Giudicissi

Senior Care Marketing Must Do #4

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter

Monday 8:20am: STOP making sales calls

Confused? I don't blame you. Please read on....

I've taken on a number of new coaching clients recently. Every single one of them is a delight to work with....they are open, enthusiastic, and eager to learn and grow. But, with that said their approach to many of their sales calls has not been effective...and here's why.

While most sales reps can find a reason to make a sales call, they often enter the call without having a clear vision of how it will end.

And that leads to wasted calls, and lack of referral performance.

When you buy a new house and want to furnish it, you might go to a furniture store. Knowing that you want a sectional sofa in leather (because you have 3 dogs) means that you pick a store that is likely to have them. Once you do that, you walk in and look at the sofas....and then focus on the leather ones (and then pass out when you see the price!). The chances of you walking out with a leather sectional is greater when you know exactly why you are walking in. Make sense?

The same applies to your sales calls. While it might be easy for you to say "I'm going to talk about _______________ today", unless you know exactly what you want the next step to be, you are leaving a LOT to chance.

So, what are some of the "Outcomes to Achieve"?

1. Referrals (obviously, and the overall goal of every sales call)

2. Meeting scheduled

3. Introduction to another key contact

4. Feedback from the referral source on your company's performance

5. Preferred provider contract

6. Hundreds of other things (use your imagination)

So, now you see that planning what you are going to say is only HALF of the equation. EVERY sales call starts in the car (or the office) with you planning what YOU are going to say and what you want THEM to do at the end of the call. Once you have this 2 part planning in place you can begin to accurately assess what percentage of sales calls can be counted as a success. Without knowing your intended outcome, it's like getting a bunch of ingredients together to bake a cake, but having no recipe and no idea of what to mix and how long to bake it for. Your results probably are not going to be nearly as good as if you knew exactly what to do.

In sales as in life, a little planning goes a LONG way!


How many referral sources do you have that refer to you at least one time per month, every month?

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Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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