• Michael Giudicissi

Senior Care Marketing Must Do #2

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter

Monday 8:15: Stop singing "Let's Get Excited"

I had a conversation last week with a homecare sales rep. When talking about 2 accounts that have yet to refer, this rep said (paraphrase): "Our last meeting went great, they were saying how excited they were to start working with us".

Have you ever said, or thought this about one of your referral sources?

If you have, you were wrong.


Does anyone really get "excited" about working with homecare or ALF, etc? Think about the adjective "excited". Does that really describe the way someone would interact on a regular basis with using your agency or referring to your facility? Doubtful....very doubtful.

Are you excited to sit down with your accountant? Do you get excited to go to the doctor? How exciting is it to go to the grocery store for your weekly shopping? When's the last time you got excited to go and pump gas into your car?

Do you see it? These absolutely vital businesses and services don't really promote excitement to you, yet you frequent them.....have a relationship with them, and choose them over many similar businesses. (start making a list of WHY you choose these businesses)

So....why is this such a problem to you or any rep who thinks your referral sources are excited to work with you?

Simple, actually......and a twofold problem....

1. If you actually believe that someone is excited to work with you, then you are likely to wait for that excitement to spring them into action and start making referrals. After all, when you are truly excited about something you probably cannot wait to do it. Predictably, the "excited" referral sources never refer to you and then you're left to wonder how their excitement waned.

2. If you actually believe that someone is excited to work with you, then you have missed the key drivers of these referral relationships....and will probably not ever dive deep enough to truly satisfy their need to work with you. Predictably, when you miss the real underlying emotion of working with your agency or facility, your referral sources never refer and you're left wondering what's wrong with them.

Stop deluding yourself to believe that there is "excitement" around the referral process. START thinking about the reasons you choose vital providers and services in your life and your business. Make a list.....maybe it will look something like this...

I choose providers because:

1. Convenience

2. Price

3. Trust in their ability

4. Long standing relationship

5. Innovation

6. Professional reputation

7. Referral from a friend

Did I match some of yours? Good.

NOW.....start thinking about your referral sources in the same way. How do you, your agency, your facility....deliver on these key decision making criteria? When you have that answer, THAT is what you sell and present to your referral partners.

So, it's time to stop that performance robbing self programming of referral sources being excited to work with us. It's limiting your success and stopping you from doing the real work of selling that will build your referrals and your census.

If you need more help with this, One on One coaching is the best way to quickly get your sales and results going in the right direction.

If you want a mind and sales tuneup with a group of like minded marketers, then join me in Las Vegas on May 2-3 for the Senior Care Sales Workout! at the Linq Hotel & Casino. This is one workshop you CAN get excited about!

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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