• Michael Giudicissi

Monday Marketing Must Do #61

8am: Read this newsletter

8:15am: Play Ball!

It's fitting that MMMD #61 focuses on a baseball analogy since the chase to 61 home runs captivated the country back in 1961.

Sales call - Strike 1

Sales call - Strike 2

Sales call - Strike 3!

You're out...

This week I want you to look at every account on your list where you have:

1. Made 3 sales/marketing calls in the past 2 months


2. Made no progress in generating referrals or significantly moving the relationship forward.

In other words, accounts where you have struck out.

There is no sense in continuing the same course of action with these accounts because the longer you go with making no progress, the more likely you are to NEVER make progress.

Sit down with your sales manger (or me, if we're working together) and come up with a different plan than the one you are following. No going back with the same stale discussion, presentation, "how are you doing?", or whatever else you've been doing. You swung and missed 3x with that approach and it's no longer allowed.

Now you need to think differently about how to change the outcome in that account. You need to be more creative or professional. You also need to know exactly what you want to happen in the next call, and then craft a discussion that will allow that outcome to happen. When you are evaluating these accounts, be honest....for if not you are doing them, and you a disservice. Don't keep hoping that "Eventually they'll (like, trust, know, love) me enough to refer to me". Experience tells me they won't. YOU need to be the catalyst for change in this "strikeout" accounts.

Don't make another call until you know how you're going to change the playing field.

Good luck...and Batter Up!

Michael Giudicissi

(Got questions or suggestions? Email me!)

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