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Monday Marketing Must Do #60

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Now onto the Monday Marketing Must Do

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter

Monday 8:30am: Sell something else!

For a moment....let's assume you are a NASCAR driver. You know, those guys and girls that go around in circles making left turns at 200mph. It's a challenging and dangerous job piloting a race car at that speed no matter what the track is like. Imagine that's all you ever did....make left turns...day after day....year after year. You'd get REALLY good at making left turns.

But...would you be missing something?

Imagine that every once in awhile, you raced on a road course....that is, a course with right and left turns, hills and valleys, 180 turns and S bends.

At first you'd be out of your element. Soon, you'd start to figure out how what you already know applies to the new challenge. Finally you'd master the new challenge while leaning some key skills that would help you at your next NASCAR race. You would be a more COMPLETE driver from the experience.

Now, this week....go sell something else. I'm serious.

Home care, home health, hospice, etc....are all challenging sales for reasons we all know. Whether you have mastered the sale or are still learning, it will never be easy to sell home care. You might be surprised at how well you actually sell when you temporarily change the environment.

So, I don't want you changing jobs....or taking on a second job (unless you want to take on a second job). But, I do want you to find another venue to sell in this week and see how you do, and what you learn. Want some ideas?

1. Go out with your kids and sell their school fundraising items

2. Pick out some items you no longer use around the house and list them for sale...wait until someone tries to negotiate with you and see how your selling and negotiating skills kick in.

3. Sell your spouse, family, or friends on that big trip you've been hoping to take but could never get everyone onboard for.

4. Heck, wear a red shirt and khakis and walk around the electronics department at Target....someone will ask for advice on buying a TV, and you can let your sales pro come right on out.

You get the idea....we can ALWAYS be selling...in many different settings, and with many different people. Once you poke your head outside of the home care selling bubble you'll see that you possess a variety of selling skills that will help you in all areas of life. You'll also learn some critical people skills that are going to help you in your home care sales career.

I would love to hear the results of your "selling challenge" so please email me what you sold, and what you learned. The best selling challenge story will win a cool prize and be featured right here.

If you are a hiring manager who is looking to add to their sales team, this is the best time of the year to do it. Contact me to learn about our complete recruiting, screening, and hiring assistance package today!

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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