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Hey....it's ALMOST 2019 but let's get a head start on it.

Once the fun and frivolity of the New Year is over, it's time to do some real planning for how you are going to grow your business in 2019. Let me introduce you to the Three P's at this exciting time of year.

Plan with Purpose and Passion.

First, if you expect to have your business grow just because you want it to, you are likely to be very disappointed. Doing the same things in 2019 as you did this year will get you roughly the same result. So a solid Plan to grow is essential. The Plan should give specific goals, measurables and growth per account in it. You will also want to add key resources, training, and support you will need to achieve the Plan. Now isn't the time to go small....no one hits a home run when they're trying to bunt.

Second, put some Purpose into your plan. As you are planning, double check to see if there is true direction, and a reason to accomplish the things you are working towards. Planning on how to drop off more gifts and coffee next year does not qualify.....your Purpose must be something that helps more patients, gives your referral sources better outcomes, and pushes you and your agency to accomplish more and meet your growth goals. A Plan without true Purpose is just a set of instructions.

Finally, add some Passion into the mix. Figure out the real reason you are doing this critical job. You've seen people who approach their work with no passion. They work their way through each day just hoping to reach the clock striking 5pm so they can go home. Don't be that person. We work in such a wonderful industry that is dynamic, rapidly changing, and vitally necessary that you don't have to look far for the Passion to help others, your agency, and yourself. Identify that Passion and highlight the things that reward you in the job....and then sprinkle them liberally into your 2019 plan. When you do, you'll be the person who is just revving up at 5pm each day, rather than the one staring at the clock wondering why it won't come any faster.

Obviously there is much more to planning, but these 3 tips should get you started on building a Plan that will have you generating more referrals than you ever have, and enjoying every single moment of it.

I have space for 2 more One on One coaching clients. If you are committed to growing your sales and can be accountable to doing the things that we plan each week, your sales will grow. It's that simple. For more information, email me. Only the accountable need apply!

Happy New Year!

Michael Giudicissi

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