• Michael Giudicissi

Monday Marketing Must Do #56

Home Care Sales Winter Warm Up Workshop!

Home Care Complete - February 27-28, 2019 - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Our new, 2 day complete home care, home health, and hospice sales and marketing training event! Presented in conjunction with HCAF, this is THE program to beat the winter blues, and with the skills you learn, slam the summer slowdown!

The first 10 registrants get an exclusive invite to dine with Michael G on February 27 for extra tips, motivation, and advice!


Home Care Sales Accelerator 10 Week Webinar Series

Begins January 23rd, 2019 and runs for 10 weeks


And now, onto the Monday Marketing Must Do

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter

Monday 8:15am: Get your holiday cheer on!

I know, I know....you've waited for this week. After months of selling, planning, strategizing, asking for referrals, and everything else we've taught you to do....now you get to just be happy.

As we've previously noted, there is no need to sell anything this week. Your referral sources are squarely in holiday mode and nothing you try to teach them this week is going to stick. This is the week to make your visits, give gifts (if your agency does that sort of thing), and make sure you are available whenever needed. Remember, the business of home care still goes on....people will still need care, we're ONLY talking about selling when we tell you to wait until January.

This week is also a good time to lay out your key dates and events for next year. Are you attending any training seminars next year (like our Home Care Complete in Fort Lauderdale on Feb 27-28)? How about any big educational presentations or inservices? Are you supporting any big community initiatives with organizations like the Alzheimers Association or American Heart Association? Make sure you've locked those dates in as the new year starts so you can begin planning, and make sure that you've scheduled coverage for your key referral sources while you're gone.

Many people get into home care marketing because they love the people aspect of the job. For those people, and for everyone else, this is the week you can truly enjoy the people you have spent all year building a relationship with. Relish it, immerse yourself in it, and enjoy it. Put on your holiday smile and spread that cheer!

Next week it's back to work to re-qualify all of your Top 20 accounts....but hey, let's not worry about that until next week gets here.

Happy Holidays.....have a great week gang!

Michael Giudicissi

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