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Monday Marketing Must Do #55

You Asked For It, You Got It!

February 27-28, 2019 Fort Lauderdale, FL In Conjunction with

The Home Care Association of Florida

Home Care Complete Sales & Marketing Training 2 Day Event

We've been hearing for the past year that you want MORE training, MORE role playing, and a MORE comprehensive sales class and now it's here. The Home Care Complete program gives your reps everything they need to compete in the new home care, home health, and hospice landscape. Registration is opening soon on the HCAF website but you do NOT need to be an HCAF member to attend. Beat the winter blues in sunny Fort Lauderdale this winter.

The first 10 people to register get a very special dinner invitation to dine with Michael G on 2/27 and get some extra special sales guidance, or just kick back with the coach and other earlybirds.

If you'd like to be on the notification list to get one of the first 10 spots, email us and we'll let you know before anyone else does!

Home Care Marketing Accelerator Program - 10 Week Webinar Instruction

Can't make it to Fort Lauderdale but still want world class sales training? Join Michael G beginning January 23rd for this 10 week LIVE webinar sales training program.

Get the details and register here.

Now, onto the Monday Marketing Must Do

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter

Every sales call after 8am: Wind up before you pitch!

Have you ever seen a baseball pitcher throw the ball. They don't just stand there and toss it to home plate. They first wind up, and then deliver it with maximum force and control. Sales is like that too. You have your "pitch" all ready to use when you get in front of your referral source, right? You've picked something out that you're going to focus this sales call on in order to build their knowledge, and hopefully make a referral or 10. Before you pitch, of course, you need to "wind up".

The "wind up" in home care selling is getting through the gatekeeper so that you can throw your pitch to your referral source. You can't stand at the front desk screaming your "pitch" to the back office (well, I guess you could but you might be arrested) so you'll have to wind up and make your way past that gatekeeper. In my 18 years of home care sales experience this is the toughest thing for most reps with 0-2 years of experience to do.

Ok Michael, so how do I "wind up"?

Think about the wind up as a separate sale. It's a different sale, to be sure, but definitely different than "the pitch". Just as you've come up with a list of key competitive advantages about your agency that you can "pitch", you must now come up with a list of "why I should get past your desk" advantages and begin to test those out on the gatekeepers that have been keeping you out.

Here are a few suggestions for your "wind up" list but make sure you add your own.

1. I have a program that will help some of the people in your waiting room today!

2. Sally (or whomever the referral person is) is going to want to know about this before her weekend discharges.

3. You're going to be a hero when we get this program in place and help this office become even more efficient

4. The doctor doesn't know about this yet because the regulations JUST changed. She's going to want to use this for her patients.

You get the idea.....this "wind up" must bring the gatekeeper over to your side of the decision making process. Sometimes there is something in it for the gatekeeper, sometimes the referral source, and sometimes the patients. It's important to realize and remember that this is separate from the sales pitch you are about to make once you are in front of the referral source....but no less important.

Here's the great thing....after this week, gatekeepers are going to have their guard down for a few weeks. As the holiday cheer begins to spread to everyone, they are going to be more relaxed. This is the PERFECT time to practice your new skills and build some confidence. If you're unsure about "winding up" the gatekeeper, practice on some accounts that you no longer call on, and where you don't expect referrals anyway. You have nothing to lose and it's always good to practice in a real world environment.

Get great at this and you'll be the one in the back office pitching to your referral sources while your competition is stuck at the front desk being told to "call for an appointment"!

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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