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Monday Marketing Must Do #51

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Now, onto the Monday Marketing Must Do.

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter

Monday 8:30am: Manage yourself

One of the questions I ask in every sales interview that I do is this:

"What does your ideal supervisor look like? What do they do, and not do, to help you be as successful as possible?"

So, I'll pose the same question to you.

Home care is a team sport. The sales function is a small but vital cog at the beginning of the home care machine. Even though salespeople are often on their own out in the field, they don't operate in a vacuum. So, what does your ideal supervisor look like?

Make a list of the things they could do to assist you, and the things they should avoid that would slow your progress down. As an example maybe your list would look like this:


1. Weekly meetings to help me with problem accounts

2. Invest in CRM to help me plan my sales and track my activity

3. Ride with me 1x per month to evaluate my sales approach

4. Allow me to start my day in the field rather than go to the office

5. Give me constructive feedback immediately rather than waiting for a meeting or annual review.

Don't Do.

1. Don't call me 5x per day asking me where I am

2. Don't ask me to do administrative tasks when I could be selling

3. Don't ask me to attend meetings that I have no input in.

You get the idea. Once you've drafted your list, now take a critical look at it. You must ask yourself one key question of each thing on your list. Is this good for ME only, or is it also good for the agency? If it's just good for you but doesn't benefit the agency, toss it....that's simply not the way business works. If it's good for you and YOU can already do it for yourself (as in, start using the CRM that the agency has already invested in), then it's up to you to start doing it....you don't need your supervisor to intervene. Finally, if it's good for you and the agency and only your supervisor can do it, bring it to her (or him) at your next meeting and "sell it". I've rarely met a manager who wouldn't do something to help their team if they were able. Since every one of you is an individual, your manager might not be able to pick out every single thing you need....so this is your opportunity to speak up about it.

Every one of you wants to grow your business...don't you? Put a little time and thought into this process and you, and your manager should be able to develop a plan that will have you getting more business, working more professionally, and enjoying your job even more than you do now.

If you can make the change...make it. If you can't....ask for your manager's help.

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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