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Monday Marketing Must Do #49


Momentum 20 Selling Seminar - Arlington, TX - Thursday November 1st.

More referrals await those who learn our exclusive Momentum Selling Strategy!

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Now, onto the Monday Marketing Must Do

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter

Monday 8:15am: Learn to fly

What's your goal? What is your quota? How is your performance judged?

Have you ever achieved it? Beat it? Smashed it?

The thing about sales quotas is this: if you've never hit it, it's easy to believe you can never hit it. Month after month that grinds by without reaching that elusive number wears on a salesperson. It doesn't feel good, and it doesn't lead to better sales performance. You start to question if the number is too high (it isn't), if there are enough referrals in your territory to reach it (there are), and if you're good enough to hit the goal (you definitely are).

The thing is, until you hit it one time, you can't believe you'll ever hit it. Much like the Wright Brothers deeply believed that man could fly via a powered vehicle and worked until they made it a reality. Once they did (at Kitty Hawk), they and others KNEW it could be done....and then it was just a matter of doing it better. No one KNEW that a human being could run a mile in less than 4 minutes until Sir Roger Bannister did it in 1954. Once that barrier was broken, then it was a effort to see how much faster someone could run. When Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the moon in 1969, few people realized that NASA had pegged their chances of success at only 50/50. Once it had been accomplished, the next step was going back for more time, and with more sophisticated equipment.

Until these things were done, no one knew they could be done. Certainly people hoped, wanted, suspected they could be...but no one truly knew until it had been accomplished.

Your quota is just like that. Until you hit it, break it, smash it.....no one knows it can be done. Once you do, the walls are down and you are primed for more and better sales performance.

So, November 1st is this Thursday (I hope you're joining me in Arlington, TX for our Momentum 20 Sales Training Seminar). November is typically a GREAT month for sales in the home care industry. Let's make November the month that you go where you have never gone before.....right up to, and past your sales quota. Do it ONCE and in 2019 you'll be strategizing on how far past it you can go each month. Make the commitment, set your mind to it, and make it happen. When you do, you can happily say....

"That's one small step for my agency, and one giant leap for my sales career".

November......your month....own it!

Good Selling

Michael Giudicissi

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